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.... Dear Pete, yes, I am the lead singer of the Diamonds for the past 24 years. I love your programing. (Jerry)
.... Love your station ..!!! Best oldies streaming radio station by far ! Keep up the great work ! - My circle of friend this side of the Atlantic enjoy your choices and layed-back style VERY much !!
.... I want you to know how much I appreciate the wide variety of the music you play, and all from the best era ... (Fred)
.... Hi there, gotta say how much I love the station. I would listen 18 hours a day if I could but have to settle for around 6. I love all the 'answer' records you come up with... (Mike)
....Thank you for putting together the best oldies sight anywhere n the world. (Jeff)
.... I'll keep doubt about that. I am just so impressed with the fact that not only do you play more oldies than anyone...ever...but they are all original songs. WOW! Thanks for what you do. (Jeff)
.... I love your station and I need to somehow send a donation (Karen)
.... Just found this station yesterday on iTunes... I have been a musician for 30 years. THIS is the ONLY station I love!!! Thank you!!!! (Gary)
.... you do an absolutely terrific job on your website which I discovered on ITunes a few weeks ago. As a major record collector myself, you play what I like from the period I like. Keep it up. (David)
.... Wouldn't have known about this song except for your station. You played something else by Lonnie which had me checking him out on Youtube. Bringing unheard of before artists to my attention is certainly worth the donation and I do like hearing the unheard album fillers from the 50's and 60's (Ron)
.... I have your station on all the time I love the variation - My Mom loves it too..! (she was a teen in 1965).(Otis)
.... I really Like the Selection you are using. I know there are Ten's of thousands of songs that never get played. thank you for playing the GOOD stuff. I am 66 and love this channel (John)
.... Able to give up Sirius because of yours and other stations I can stream. (John B)
.... I just heard my three songs. Thank you. The best oldies station i have heard in years! (Peter)