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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Roy Hall
Album:Roy Rocks
Year: 1954
Chart Position:

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Love Makes The World Go Round
Deon Jackson
Album:Various-60s Soul Tell It Like It Is
Year: 1966
Chart Position: 11
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 Oldies Alternative
05:17 AM
Little Peggy March
Album:I Will Follow Him
Year: 1963
Chart Position:
05:14 AM
The Bluest Boy In Town
Phil Gray
Album:Various-Reallll Rrrrockin'
Year: 1956
Chart Position:
05:12 AM
Puppet On A String
Sandie Shaw
Album:The Best of Sandie Shaw
Year: 1967
Chart Position: 13 CH
05:10 AM
Me And My Rhythm Guitar
Johnny Powers
Album:Long Blond Hair
Year: 1959
Chart Position: