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For Your Love
Ed Townsend
Album: For Your Love Golden Classics Edition
Year: 1958
Chart Position: 13

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05:08 PM
Alvin's Orchestra
The Chipmunks
Album:Still Squeaky After All These Years Greatest Hits
Year: 1960
Peak Chart Position: 33
05:06 PM
Young World
Ricky Nelson
Album:The Best Of Rick Nelson Vol 2
Year: 1962
Peak Chart Position: 5
05:04 PM
Nobody But Me
The Human Beinz
Album:Nobody But Me
Year: 1968
Peak Chart Position: 8
05:02 PM
Let's All Rock Together
The Jodimars
Album:Let's All Rock Together
Year: 1956
Peak Chart Position:
04:59 PM
Hearts Of Stone
Bill Black's Combo
Album:Greatest Hits
Year: 1961
Peak Chart Position: 20
04:57 PM
The Banana Boat Song
Steve Lawrence
Album:The Definitive Collection
Year: 1957
Peak Chart Position: 18