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Signed, Sealed And Delivered
James Brown
Album:Roots Of A Revolution
Year: 1963
Chart Position: 77

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Rockin' Robin
Bobby Day
Album:Rockin' Robin The Very Best of Bobby Day
Year: 1958
Chart Position: 2
11:46 PM
Yes It Is
The Beatles
Album:Past Masters Vol 1
Year: 1965
Chart Position: 46
11:44 PM
The Ames Brothers
Album:The Very Best of The Ames Brothers
Year: 1957
Chart Position: 5
11:42 PM
The Pets
Album:Various-Fabulous Flips Vol 2
Year: 1958
Chart Position:
11:39 PM
The Prettiest Girl In School
Randy Starr
Album:Dale 45-103 single
Year: 1958
Chart Position: 60 CB
11:39 PM
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